Amal Beer Sheva Leads the Way!

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No more boring English lessons for us! "Machat Reut"- Beer Sheva adopts a new English learning strategy. Tedious lessons are a thing of the past!

Amal English Department has initiated an exciting new photography program based on the experience and success of a photography program in Amal Tel Sheva Igal Alon Multidisciplinary School under the leadership of Andreea Alene.  The program fulfills the pro

ject requirements for the 3-point English matriculation exam. This special program features a mandatory photography class delivered entirely in English.

The students attend a five meeting course delivered by a professional photographer. They must demonstrate their acquired knowledge through the Module C project accounting for 20% of their final grade.

מהגלקסי שלי 003Each student is required to photograph pictures of his home town, choosing the best seven. Each photograph must be followed by a detailed description.  Also, included is a short history of their home town, a map and a reflection. This is a novel approach for the Module C project.

Our students recognize an opportunity of a lifetime. They are the first students in the country to have the privilege of meeting th

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e Module C requirements through a photography project.  We hope to pave the way for other schools in adopting motivating and confidence building learning experiences thus better mastering the English language.

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One Response to Amal Beer Sheva Leads the Way!

  1. מאת rina akotonas:

    We shouldn't forget the teacher's enthusiasm and energy( Michal Munitz)  and the support of the principal (Orly.

       Reut is a school where teachers and pupils feel they are supported and encouraged all along the way

    A real home

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