The Global Entrepreneurship Week


By: Mary Haya Barbashov and Liza Kovensky

In the framework of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, a visit to the Amal Shimon Peres High Tech and Arts High School took place. Risa Levy, Cultural Program Specialist and Ellen Schnitser, Public Diplomacy Specialist at the US Embassy Tel Aviv Branch Office in collaboration with the Entrepreneurship Forum Israel , and Dr. Rachel Tal, Head of English Studies at Amal, provided students a unique opportunity to meet Bahraini entrepreneur, Reem A. Rasool Ahmed Jaseem. Reem's presentation motivated students to follow their dreams by sharing her own personal story. Reem talked about her experience as a teenager, having been discouraged by her family from exploring her passions and from “thinking outside the box”. She then made it a point to show the students the effect her parents' actions had on her life, and ended by highlighting the importance of having one's own voice in addition to working to make a change. Reem also spoke about the society and education system in her home country of Bahrain while simultaneously explaining her own beliefs, i.e., the value she places on education, diversity, and creative thinking. By the end of her visit to the school, Reem expressed her admiration for the high school and its approach – encouraging fellow students to dream big – as well as for the overall appearance and atmosphere of the school. 

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